About Us

Linda Ryan 

Linda has been involved in agility since 1998 and became a White Mountain Agility Certified Instructor in 2003. Linda has trained with some of the top agility trainers and competitors in the United States and Europe: Stuart Mah, Julie Daniels, Linda Mecklenburg, Linda Kipp, Stacy Peardot-Goudy, Elicia Calhoun, Dana Pike, Steve Frick, Webb Anderson, Rhonda Carter, Bud Houston, Suzanne Clothier, Susan Salo, Sally Jones (UK), Christine Charpentier (France, two-time World Agility champion), Kristy Netzer, and Marco Giavoni (Beck's Hill Agility Team, Verona Italy). She has competed in six different agility venues and has titled dogs in five different venues. She has taught all levels of agility since 2001 and worked with a variety of breeds. 
Linda's students have achieved championships in AKC--MACH, MACH2, MACH3, PACH;  USDAA--ADCH, PDCH; and UKC: UAGIII. 

Linda currently has four dogs: 

PDCH Jasper, Jack Russell Terrier, PTM (USDAA), TBAD, TG3 (TDAA), OFP, AXP, AJP (AKC), JV-N (ASCA)

Zack, BorderJack,  MAD, SAM (USDAA)

Cooper, Labrador Retriever, PD (USDAA), NJP, NFP, OAP  (AKC)

Tinker, All-American, in training

At the Rainbow Bridge:

PDCH U-CD Skippy, All-American, CD (ASCA), CGC, AD, PKM (USDAA), NAC, NJC, NGC, (NADAC), RS-N, RJ-N, RG-N (ASCA)

KK, All-American, CGC

My Dogs
Dorothy Smith
Dorothy Smith has been involved in dog training of some type since the 1970's, but became involved in competitive dog activities only after current dog, Jez (a chocolate cocker spaniel) joined the household in 2000. They got their start with Colleen Backus currently of Blue Sky Dogs. They earned titles in flyball, agility, obedience, rally and have trained for tracking and most recently, scentwork. Jez is also a certified therapy dog. Agility was always the preferred sport, however and they trained with several nationally known trainers, earned titles in 3 agility venues, including 2 AKC MACHs. In 2013 Jez competed in AKC Nationals and earned her Preferred Agility Champion Title. Jez is now retired due mainly to a torn ccl ligament, although she still enjoys 'playing' agility.

Dorothy has experience handling other breeds of dogs in flyball, agility and rally, both large and small.

As a fairly non-physical person herself, Dorothy understands some of the particular challenges agility can present to the human half of the team.